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The Giza Zoo of the most beautiful zoos in the world and the richest, containing various species of animals and plants. This was the park was originally a botanical garden from the gardens of Giza set up by the Khedive Ismail and make it a masterpiece in the world of horticulture, are no match to bring the rare plants from all parts of the world, and Abdul roads Balzlt colored geometrical shapes beautiful, and the drilling of the walls, rivers, lakes and built on arches Fine and built the Aljblayat and planting around a lot of plants, cactus plants and rocks.
  Location and Area
The area of ??the park about 80 acres, and its gate facing the main street of Charles de Gaulle in Cairo. There are on the West Bank, Cairo Nile and there are streams and caves, waterfalls, wooden bridges and water, and lakes of the birds on display. It also contains the Museum was built in 1906 and houses collections of rare animals and stuffed birds and reptiles. The estimated number of visitors to the park by about two million visitors annually.
Giza zoo or animals in the garden of Giza was founded in 1891 AD. Is the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East, and the first and oldest zoos in Africa. Was called the "crown jewel of the zoos in Africa.
Is created by the Khedive Ismail. Where it opened in 1891 by Khedive Tawfiq Mohammed Ibn Khedive Ismail. Which started with flowers and plants imported does not exist in nature in Egypt. There in the garden about six thousand animals of about 175 species, including rare species of crocodiles and cows brutality.
Egypt has known zoos since the days of the Pharaohs, where the kings and people go out to hunt animals and birds, and they keep them in their palaces for presentation and decoration.

And Cairo witnessed in the era of Muhammad on the first display open to the lions, where a number of these lions in a large hole in front of Castle in Cairo where their house book box and old citizens were watching this black from the top of the hole and throw it Bgmaiha of meat, have been known for this hole as the "Castle Mspah"

And tells historians also said that Muhammad Ali was elegantly from southern Sudan in 1826, and sent a gift to King Charles X of France and was a journey of giraffe on the helicopter in the Nile and then transferred by sea to Marseilles, and then on foot to Paris, which was recently for all of Europe in those days.

And established that the Khedive Ismail was the first thought in the establishment of a zoo, and had hoped to open the celebrations by opening the Suez Canal in 1869, but the time is not inappropriately and forced to assemble the numbers of animals and birds in the palace of the island, which is now the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek.

In 1889, Khedive Tawfiq issued a decree deduct acres of gardens and his mother (mother Pasha) Orman third party to store and contain the animals, a name given to the zoo at its inception.

In the first of
March in 1891 opened the gardens to the public. In 1938 decided to add thirty-eight acres to the park carved out of the Tribal Park Orman.

Items coordinated very beautiful and has five Jblayat with Ronq breathtaking, has been built cracker major (Jblaah Castle) in 1867, which is decorated with statues of various animals extinct Khrti Fayoum and crocodiles and exotic birds, and the flow in the land of cracker streams and hanging from the ceiling pieces of White coral reefs and in caves and natural caves. The park features two mountains Snaian linked by an iron suspension bridge designed by Mr. Francois Eiffel, designer of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

There is also a Japanese garden kiosk club Animal Friends and the park museum and placed in the halls of the three models
Stuffed birds and mammals, reptiles, animals of different regions of the world. This museum was established in 1906 and contains more than five thousand sample Mhanta mummified crocodile of the most important since the days of the ancient Egyptians for more than five thousand years, a whale and threw him to the waves, the city of Alexandria.

Presented garden mammals, birds and reptiles of various types in fourteen areas that represent 360 genera different numbering more than hundred species of Aloslat and snakes (poisonous and half-toxic and non-toxic) and snakes and turtles and the gear and species of lizards and Alorl and lizard and the Egyptian and American crocodiles, as well as gerbils and hedgehogs and chameleons and scorpions
The park was closed in February 19, 2006, fearing for the animals and birds from bird flu, but was re-opened on 24 April of the same year.

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